Duchy of Tregfeld


There is little current information about the Duchy of Tregfeld available to the Council at this time.

What is known, is that the Duke of Tregfeld rules the entire continent of Mylon.  Mylon lies north and west of Eton, at about the same latitude as the Confederacy. Treg Easton is about 2000 miles due west of Tonguesweth in the Confederacy and 2900 miles as the dragon flies West-Northwest of Gizzor Del (typically a bit over a quarter month, or 20 days, of good sailing).  In terms of land mass, Mylon is about two thirds the size of the council states, or three halves that of the Confederacy.

The Duchy is made up of two baronies and two earldoms.  The Barony of Eastmarch is on the east coast, the Barony of Narfalon on the west.  The Earldom of Cartha is in the north central region and the Earldom of Delbis is in the south central region.  While the two baronies are relatively independent, as vassal states go, the title of Earl of Cartha is often held by the Duke or a member of his immediate family.

The wizard school of Towmond was formed about 400 years ago by the wizard Towmond, it is currently run by his successors, who are not members of the council.  The wizard and his followers are not known to follow the standard council laws regarding either Demonology or Necromancy, and as a consequence, the land has historically  been heavily infested by demons and the undead.  While it is not believed the Duke is in favor of such infestations, he has sought neither council help nor guidance in ridding his land of these problems (nor has he sought assistance from the Rod).


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