New Etonia

After the fall of the Vargosite Empire, Eton and Norelon were politically free of each other.  Various groups of nobles tried to recreate the Nation of Eton, (sometimes called Etonia Eternia).  Unfortunately, the disagreements between factions were two great and after nearly 100 years of war three principle states were founded.

New Etonia also known as the Holy Etonian Empire was founded by Torson I, who claimed to be the son of the god Torean.  While there was some rather violent debate about the authenticity of this claim, expediencey soon led to its tacit acceptance.  The current Holy Etonian Emperor presides over a Council of Arch-Prelates, one from each of the churches of the four principle Etonian gods.  Each church has a principle city on the west coast that holds the Supreme Temple of the particular god.

  • Justicia is the spiritual seat for the Church of Tiernon.  However, Tiern Anon in East Free Eton remains the home of the Rod of Tiernon.
  • Krinna's Reach is the spiritual home for the Church of Krinna.
  • Hendel Hearth is the spiritual home for the Church of Hendel.
  • Torean Fast is the spiritual of home for the Church of Torean, and is the political capitol and seat of power for the Holy Etonian Emperor.




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