The Imperial House of Torson

The Imperial House of Torson, descended from Torson the First, who himself was a mortal son of the Great God Torean holds the Imperial Crown of New Etonia.

New Etonia has been blessed by the Gods with a truly benevolent Emperor with an amazing 59 year and counting reign.  This stability has led to great economic and security gains for all the people of New Etonia.

Unfortunately, with long reigns can come great tragedies for an emperor.  And Rafaestus Torson III is no exception.  Our Emperor has lost three wives, all of whom have given him devoted children.  He is currently married to his fourth wife, the Holy Etonian Empress Ygrid Narthan-Torson, who has given him both a daughter and a son.

Regretfully, the Emperor's first son and his namesake perished many years back, as did his second son, Malaech only a few years later.  Fortunately, his third son by his first Empress, His Imperial Highness, The Prince of Etonia, Dietrick Torson is alive and well with a son of his own, Dietrich the Second.

The Emperor's eldest daughter, Marla Torson-Barolos is happily married with three children to Xerxes Barolos, son of the current High Pontificate of Tiernon.  His beloved but only son by Empress Jeanean Markos-Torson is Prince of Etonia Mycos Torson.  

The current Empress, Ygrid Narthon-Torson has provided the Emperor with a beautiful daughter Princess Ygriddet, and his youngest son, Prince of Etonia Kristof Torson.

The Holy Etonian Emperor's closest confidant is his younger brother Hedras, the Grand Duke of Etonia.  The Grand Duke's lovely wife, the Grand Duchess Aylea Nevros-Torson has given the Grand Duke two heirs of his own. Prince Donoto and Princess Ingrid.

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